Vacation in progress

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SLC (1st stop on our trip) gratitude list:

1. RAIN and cool temperatures on the way down.

2. Friends who are incredibly supportive of our new sobriety. 

3. Sleeping soundly from 11PM to 6:30 (!)

4. Two days of beautiful park runs

5. Taco truck burritos and really amazing sushi

6. Apple cinnamon pancakes and amazing coffee

7. Having a friend who is willing to sit through 20 some odd clothing changes at Loft (I don’t get out much).

8. Also having friends who are willing to be planetarium explorers, zoo adventures, jungle gyms, magicians and water park escorts for my little wildlings. 

9. Our new roof carrier

10. My sweet hubby along for the adventure

SLC was amazing. We had a beautiful, restorative weekend with 2 of my favorite people in the universe.

We are in Boise now. My dad is sweet but he is high maintenance. Between his obsessive nit pickiness and children who are operating outside of their usual sleeping schedule, my nerves are FRIED. Extra, fucking crispy. Last summer when I did this same trip (without the hubby, mind you), I had a glass of wine (at least) with dinner and grabbed a six pack on the way back to the hotel… Wonders upon wonders, I felt like cat vomit in the morning.

This time I have my seltzer, my 22nd day, more of my sanity and a whole lot more $ in my purse. The children are asleep now, (much closer to their normal bedtime) so they should fare better tomorrow. I am grateful for every morning I wake up without a hangover. Tomorrow, I will try more deep breaths, less teeth clenching and more time to ourselves. 

One thing that has given me strength during these past two more challenging days is reading blog posts from my phone. Thanks for all of the beautiful, sometimes heart wrenching but always thought provoking posts. 


observations and inquiries

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1. Packing and organization for travel NOT hungover or buzzed is much easier.

2. Feel twitchy and a bit edgy today. Also, I am experiencing more cravings than usual. I think part of it is more habit than anything. When I pack, I usually drink and I almost always screw something up. Shocking, right?

3.  I am nervous about our trip. I am visiting my bestie, who is very empathetic and supportive- that visit will be easy. My dad, on the other hand, is a manic, recovered alcoholic. He is loads of fun but hanging out with him is a full time job. Decompression could be an issue. He is also very supportive. I just need to remember to take a break if I need it… He will understand.

4. Why are people posting pictures of beer at 2PM on a freaking Thursday?

5. Does anyone have any input on Melatonin? I am trying it to help with my f-ed sleep issues. So far, so moderately good. I was almost asleep at 12:30 this morning which is an improvement over 4AM…

6. Any thoughts on fun places to go or things to do in SLC or Boise?