Month: October 2015


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I am working on my first sober night. I feel ok. I am battling depression, too. So, yay. My two-year old lizard brain is flipping the channel back and forth between pouting to raging. I want to be able to drink like a normal person. I want to believe that people can overcome addiction, that it is overblown, that it is made up by the rehab industry, but I know that is all bullshit. I am an alcoholic. An addict. My brain functions differently, and it sucks. I need to sort out why I need to get sober, so here is a preliminary list.

Sobriety will allow me to be a more present parent, wife and friend.

Sobriety will help ensure I will live to see my kids grow up.

Sobriety will allow me to be more truly and wholly happy.

Sobriety will help me deal with my significant depression.

Sobriety will free up time and money.

Sobriety will give me access to a fierce and fantastic group of sober men and women.


Day One

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Welp, here I am again. I tried to moderate my drinking after almost 2 years of sobriety. It didn’t work. I almost died. Wish me luck on maintaining my sobriety this time around.