Oct 1st

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I miss counted. I thought my 100 days ended on September 21 (a wonderful day) but I was wrong. It is October 1st. The crazy, unplanned but totally awesome thing about October 1st is that it is also my BIRTHDAY. Weird, right? Ah, universe, you have such a quirky sense of humor. 

I counted out the days last night in sharpie on our kitchen calendar. My 6 year-old, being ever so observant, asked why there were numbers on the calendar. I have been honest (to an extent) with him about quitting drinking but I almost brushed off his question. Instead,  I explained the 100 day challenge to him. He commented that we could resume drinking after the 100 days. I explained that we could not. He was a little incredulous, “You mean you are never going to buy beer again?”

“That’s right. Never again.” I replied

“But… you can drink on your birthday, right?”

“Nope. I can’t drink ever again.”


And with that he skipped off. With a few simple words, I made the ultimate promise. I am terrified yet, strangely fortified. I hope that someday my children can read this blog and understand the dangers of drinking. I hope they won’t be as pigheaded as their mom. I hope I can live up to my promise. 


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